Chris Madison bought out a pizza place here in Freeland a bit over a year ago, and he’s been telling me for months that he wanted me to build a site for him, as soon as he could get a little ahead. I finally put my foot down and told him to stop messing around. Besides, he’s probably going to be paying for it entirely in pizza, so why should he wait?

He moaned about how little time he had, and I told him that’s why he had me. So he handed me a menu. Today I got a site up for him. It doesn’t look like it will probably end up looking like, we haven’t shot any pictures yet, but the menu is there. There’s some slightly sassy temp text you’ll need to look fast to see. (As far as I can tell, he hasn’t looked at the site yet, he’ll probably make me clean the odd stuff up tomorrow.)

The food is damned good, at least what we’ve eaten. We tend to alternate between the barbecue chicken and Mediterranean pizzas when Larkin and I are both eating, but I’ve had the Supreme and thought it was very tasty. I haven’t had any of the sandwiches yet, but after typing the descriptions in I’m definitely ready to try a couple of them. The Mediterranean salad is also great. I’m not saying this because he’s a client now, he’s a client now because we thought the food was good.

Chris is into the Flintstones, so the flag on the site is set in that font, and it’s also why it isn’t Madison Pizza, but Madistone Pizza. Given half a chance he’d change the street signs from Scott Road to Bedrock Lane.

Update: 22 June 2014

Well, a couple of years ago Chris decided to give up the long hours and sell the store to a couple from out of state that worked on the scientific outpost on Antarctica. Al actually spent a couple of months there every year, his wife worked remotely. Al decided to move to a larger, more visible, location. He then apparently decided to pursue an outside romantic relationship which led him to murder his wife. I’m not sure Al is really stupid enough to have done this but the jury found him guilty.  So the site is gone, as is the pizza. Even the company that came along afterward has closed.