I did some work at Yelm, Washington last year, and had the chance to catch a burger at the grill on the golf course. The “Blue Chip Burger” was definitely in the top half dozen burgers of my experience, with Maytag blue cheese, bacon, mushrooms, and sautéed onions. Definitely a three or four napkin burger.

Now I’m building them a website. It will be fairly basic, mostly because the folks at the restaurant don’t seem to have time for peripheral stuff like marketing. It took me a full month to get them to send me the PDF of the menu. They have some images to use for backgrounds on the website, I hope it won’t take another month to get the files because the menus are just floating on a white background now, which isn’t the look I’m going for to say the least. But the descriptions and prices should be correct.

I’m not normally much into sports bars, but Clark’s Bar and Grill is probably worth visiting if there isn’t a big game on! If I Were King I’d insist they open one here at Freeland.