Sunday, 29 October 2006

Check that clock!

Ah yes, the annual task of restoring the clocks to correct time. Back in 1884, basically for the benefit of the railroads who were going nuts with using the local time at every stop for their schedules, a system of time zones was created. This meant that over wide areas of the country (and Canada, it was done jointly) the time would be the same, even if that meant that noon came when the clocks said 11:30, 12:30, or somewhere in between. I can live with that, it means that my watch says 12:08 when it’s actually noon here, which is close enough. (It definitely would not be close enough for me if I lived in Maine, currently in the Eastern time zone but way too far east to belong there.)

However. moving noon out to 13:08 during Daylight Stupid Time is not acceptable. Back in the days when most folks worked in factories, and they all worked a single shift, and the factories were mostly lit by skylights, this made sense. In the twenty-four/seven world of the third millennium, it makes less sense than teats on a boar hog, and I resent it.

If I Were King, it would be a crime for any government employee to take any action that would cause the nation’s clocks to be less accurate. I wouldn’t mess around with fines or even a couple of years at Club Fed, I’d make it punishable by a permanent ban on future employment by any government agency and immediate loss of pension.

Back to square one

Long ago, in a galaxy altoghether too close to home, I started this blog. I was actually pretty good about making the occasional entry for a while, but recently noticed I hadn’t posted for over a year. Then we had a disk crash on the server and lost the database, so I’m starting fresh. We’ll see how it goes this time around.

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